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Soooooo as anyone who actually reads my blog/tumblr/facebook/twitter (haha) will know, I was in London
on Friday because my Self-Portrait was featured in the 'Dig the New Breed' exhibition held by Rankin&Tuuli in conjunction with On/Off at the Annroy Gallery! It was amazing to see my work amongst some other really fantastic young photographer's work and although I wasn't able to stay for long I'm really glad that I still went!
I still don't quite understand how mine was chosen because there was a really high standard of work there but ey I'm not going to complain!

The rest of the day leading up to the exhibition was wonderful, me and my Step-Dad Darren had a touristy day. First we went to the Emirates Stadium because he really wanted to go there and take a few photos and see it etc and on the way there I had a mini star-struck moment because I walked past Susie Lau of Style Bubble! I spent about 10 minutes after completely in shock because I just wasn't expecting to see her walking down the street haha and I adore her blog so erm yeah... kind of embarrassing. Ooh we also spotted Vanessa Feltz rolling/waddling down the road and singing down the phone outside of the BBC building, and then we took a walk down Oxford Street and I got a ridiculous amount of looks and I was just wearing my petticoat and a striped tee! In Chinatown a Russian (I think) girl came up to me and told me that I looked beautiful ;)
We then just went to the National Portrait Gallery and the Imperial War Museum, I had a really fantastic day and (cheesy soppy moment coming) my Step-Dad was probably the best person that I could've had come with me to be honest and I'm so thankful that he did! I wish I'd said that in my DazedTV interview now because I sounded like a right loser in it... I really hope that they cut most of mine out haha.
They even asked what my favourite issue of Dazed and Confused was and I just didn't have a clue, I'm not one of those crazy people who remembers exact issues at all. I'm quite glad I wasn't able to stay for the Dazed party because I just wouldn't have fit in at all, I'm so awkward and not the typical D&C reader at all.


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