(Dress; Dorothy Perkins, Necklace; Peacocks Belt;    Poundland!)

So I set out today with the intention of spending hours being a fab' student in the College library researching Celebrity photography etc, instead I actually spent one hour and the rest shopping... I did come out with three stupidly heavy books though so I can research at home! Actually I say I went shopping but all I did was rampage around Primark trying to find what I could get for under £20... BUT I Got all of this for only £18! Along with a pair of black skinny jeans that make my thighs looks ridiculously huge but whatever.
Primark has pretty much outdone themselves this season, they have so many wonderful things in and at
their usual cheap prices. I don't get why some people refuse to shop there tbh, everything I've ever bought
from Primark has lasted me years.
I've even made a mini shopping list in my head of what I want to buy next... one of which is a beautiful
grey draped coat with fur lining, hopefully it'll be mine next month!

CHECK OUT THIS NECKLACE! Oh my gosh I was so excited to find this because I've wanted
a statement piece for sooooooooo long, and this is definitely my best buy of the year.


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  1. I sometimes hate buying things from primark because (especially where i live anyway,) everyone ends up getting the same things and looking like clones. But it just drives me to create different outfit combinations anyway and to wear things differently to everyone else :D x