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Now I'm not one of those girls who owns a ton of accessories, In fact I only really own two necklaces
haha! But I'm trying to change that and would like to build up a nice collection of rings and statement necklaces. I was in the middle putting together my A/W Wishlist and decided to take a quick look at what
Topshop has in for the new season, and stumbled across some really interesting new pieces in their Jewellery
Here are my top picks:

First off is the Eyeball Ring, now Topshop
seem to be doing a lot of Eyeball pieces this
season but this is the only one that really caught
my eye. The other pieces are very 'I just won
this out of a 2p arcade machine'-like which
is actually quite cool but definitely not worth
£8.50 in my opinion. 

Next is the 'Circle Linked Body Chain'.
I got so excited when I saw this! I am in love
with Body Chains but it's so hard to find one
at a decent price, admittedly this is £16.50 but
I would probably still buy this because I really like
the design and it would so much more to outfits, especially
if paired with a plain tee. 

Finally is the Plastic Torque (Necklace).
Now this is a weird one because I've never really
seen anything in this style before, apart from the metal
choker/necklaces that a few bloggers seem to be 
wearing at the moment so I'm guessing that this is pretty
much the same. I love the colour as it's not too bright and garish
but it's still a big statement piece, this kind is my favourite
because I have a tendency to buy very plain clothing and 
I need necklaces like this to 'Jazz' it up a bit!

It was so hard to pick my favourites but I'm going to have to stop now as this post is already long enough!
Also there would be an OOTD post but erm I didn't bother getting dressed today... 

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