//NEW BLOG (for the erm... third time)

(T-shirt & Skirt Primark)
Hey! So like the title says this is probably the third time I've restarted this blog, but I have
a good feeling about it this time! I'm challenging myself to do outfit posts almost every day, and 
then every other day give you my thoughts on photographers, new trends, show you
my own work and the occasional 'Whiny Teen' rant. Hopefully I'll gain a few more followers this time *fingers crossed*, I'll try to be a 'serious blogger'
but I can't guarantee it haha. 

Hmm to start off I'll show you a few Self-Portraits I shot today, they're really just tests for something 
I may do in the future but I may as well upload them online anyway.
Oh gosh I really don't like them at all! However they were inspired by a photo of the incredbile model
Kara Neko (who seems to have completely vanished online), she is simply magical and I may
have to do a post about her and a few of my other favourite models very soon.

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