(Denim Vest: D.I.Y, Playsuit: H&M)
I wish I'd matched my outfit to today's post! :(
Syrup is a superrrrrrrrrrr cute Japanese clothing brand that has absolutely stolen my heart!
Sheer mixed with lace mixed with adorable Peter pan collars, oh my gosh every piece in their webshop is
so beautiful. Oh and I have to tell you now that I have a teeeeeeny Japan obsession... which you'll 
probably notice the more I post haha! It's my dream to live and work in Japan as a photographer shooting for
magazines such as Fudge, Kera, Popteen and CUTiE one day *O* 

These are my favourite pieces from Syrup and have inspired some clothing ideas of my own,
I just need to find some wonderful sheer material now, watch this space! I only wish that I could
actually own some pieces from Syrup but everything's quite expensive ;_; 

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