(Top: Internacionale Collar: ASOS Jeans: Primark)
Whilst I'm here I'll post yesterday's outfit too!

(Jumper: Primark Shirt: New Look)


I had a massive freak out/mini break down yesterday after receiving another
email from one of the people @Rankin about all of the amazing things happening during
the exhibition, after realizing that there was no way I could get down there due to severe
lack of cash. I then had a brainwave (these don't come very often) I'd been meaning
to sell two of my Lolita dresses for sooooooo long, so I made a sales post on EGL and within
an hour I had a sold a blouse and one of the dresses! I have one left to sell but after that I'll
definitely have enough money to go eep! Also my step-dad's agreed to come with me
and we're going to make a really good day of it and do a bit of sightseeing too, well hopefully he can come.

OOH and we get our puppy on Tuesday/Wednesday! She's called Ella and looks so cute on
the photos that I've seen and apparently she's really tiny, oh my gosh I can't wait to meet her! 

Also it's my parents 6 year wedding anniversary today aw :3
My Cousin's getting married today too haha! Aw I hope she has a lovely day :)

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