Today's post is nothing too special, I was going to post about a magazine I received
in the mail yesterday but that can wait as It's too late for me to mess around editing now :3

ANYWAY a lovely follower of mine on Tumblr asked for my advice on what I would wear with
a navy and white polka dot skirt and naturally the first thing I did was jump on polyvore! Now I absolutely
adore polyvore because I just love putting outfits together and it tends to ease creative blocks sometimes.
So these are the three outfits I put together, the first would be perfect for winter especially paired with some
wool tights and a cute woolly hat! 

Now the second outfit, as soon as I saw this See by Chloe blouse I knew I had to use it in this second outfit and the velvet trim on the wrists works perfectly with the Topshop Velvet pumps (which I may have to buy for myself!), this is the perfect work outfit as it's very simple but cute at the same time! Finally I decided to put together something that was brighter and influenced by Japanese street style than the last two, this shade of Orange/Red would usually be quite garish but I think it stands out nicely against the skirt. The Metallic doc martens bring out the slight metallic detail on the collar and help to keep the attention on the Blouse/Tee, the leopard print hat was actually an after thought because it was really missing something and I'm trying to keep everything within the Autumn/Winter season, the bobble keeps it looking really sweet and young and the colour of  the leopard print is just dark enough to stop it clashing with the tee.

Ooh this post is longer than I expected... yay!
I will hopefully have an outfit post tomorrow and a review of Pigeons & Peacocks which is produced
by the London College of Fashion! *O*

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  1. Love the first outfit! The little fluffy collar is really cute :D