Today I took myself on a walk to take a look at a few locations and cry over the fact that I couldn't
find Donuts in Morrisons :'( It was lovely to just get out by myself with my camera and explore a little
bit, I really needed to just have a time out from my house and will definitely be doing
this more as college starts up. It would be nice to have a photographer friend to explore with though!
I envy Photographers I know that are part of a little circle who all have an interest
in photography and photograph each other and collaborate etc, but it's just finding people that I would
be able to do this with easily that have similar styles.

I also spotted this interesting Memorial just as I entered my street today;
Now from what I can gather it is for a young little girl who has obviously passed away recently,
and I think it's such a touching and original idea. At first I thought it was rather strange because I was stood
at a distance, but after taking a closer look I could tell how much this meant to whomever had 
put it there. It was one of those moments that I couldn't not photograph, that's probably my favourite
thing about photography really, the ability to immobilize a moment in time.


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