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Summer's almost over and I haven't really got anything to show for it.
This has possibly been the WORST summer ever and I have had a few bad ones over the years, 12 WEEKS OFF! That is a ridiculous amount of time and I can't wait for College to start next week haha! I can't wait to cuddle up in Jumpers and leggings all the time, I am wrapping myself up in a cocoon this year since I already have a cold :(

I think I've done 3/4 shoots which is pretty poor but now all of these fab opportunities and shoots are
popping up right at the end of the holidays! I have 3 Autumn/Winter Lookbook shoots coming up which I'm really excited about, although I am slightly stressing as one needs shooting by the 6th September and one by the 11th and my mind is turning to mush and I can't find any models that interest me. As always though it will come together and look wonderful, I hope!

We got our puppy, Ella, on Sunday and she is beautiful and sososo lovely even if she does see my feet as chew toys... She is ridiculously excitable and keeps weeing everywhere but ugh she is so cute I want her to stay tiny forever.


Anyway I need to carry on planning these shoots, I will post about something interesting tomorrow! Maybe...


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