(Sailor Blouse: Topshop Pleated Skirt: Primark)

This is a Self-Portrait I shot earlier, heavily inspired by Photography in Japanese magazines
such as Fudge and Spoon. I've noticed in a lot of Japanese fashion magazines the colours in
photographs tend to be very desaturated, pale and the images overall are very soft but not somehow...
I can't think of a way to put it other than being very natural and organic maybe? and always really fun! A lot of the photos seem like they're shot on film which will mostly be why they look that way, it's pretty hard to replicate in photoshop so I may have to whip out my own film cameras soon!

Some of my favourite images from various issues of Fudge and Spoon;

Hopefully I will be able to afford a couple of issues of my own soon, but until then the scans
will do fine! (Hopefully my work will be in one of them one day too! ;3 Watch this space guys it could happen...*please?*)

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